Thousands of fans greeted the airport take the car to leave the women’s volleyball Lang Ping

Beijing News News (Reporter package Xiao-Hong Sun Haiguang bright rooms Miles) 23 o’clock in the evening of 23, win the gold medal at the Rio Olympics China women’s volleyball team returned to Beijing Capital International Airport, they received thousands of fans warm welcome.

Many fans arrived early on the Capital Airport Terminal 3 international flights export, they will export thirty meters near the area crowded around the scene everywhere Lang Ping and various members of the huge picture.

Women’s volleyball than expected flight is delayed two hours, waiting for them after finishing customs procedures, to take baggage to come out from the VIP channel, it is already at 11 o’clock. After a long flight, but the girls do not see his face weary expression. Some people are still a number of airport duty-free shops to buy duty-free goods.

Hui Qi first captain to come out to face the fans cry, she smiled and waved. Subsequently, Zhu Ting, Yuan Yue heart, Liu Xiaotong, Wei Chiu and other players come out gradually. Faced row Association related to leadership and staff come to pick up the girls and they are happy to clap hug.

After the players put away the baggage car, call the following assistant coach Lai Yawen also communicate something, then she trotted a few steps into the VIP channel.

It is worth mentioning that the head coach Lang Ping did not appear together with a large force. Until the team bus drove off, Lang Ping car ride away from the airport.

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Points settled in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen have introduced educational qualifications Shanghai, Beijing heavy contribution

Last December, Beijing issued a settled policy of integration of the draft, a lot of detailed specifications immediately sparked public hot. After brewing for more than eight months, August 11, “Beijing integral settled Management (tentative)” (hereinafter referred to as “” management approach “”) officially released, so many “drift north” who saw to get Beijing Account hope.

The “management approach” total twelve, less than 2,500 words, wording simple, stable employment by a legal, legitimate stable residence, educational background, live regional level, innovation and entrepreneurship, taxation, age, honorary recognition, compliance record nine indicators constitute points settled system.
When the president of the Capital Development Research Institute of Peking University, Beijing, Tianjin and the joint development of Li Guoping, deputy director of the Joint Innovation Center to accept the “China Economic Weekly” reporter, said, “management approach” reflects the emphasis in Beijing’s resolve to work long hours, employment ability, to adapt the principles of urban industrial transformation and upgrading of personnel issues settled. At the same time, it reflects the city settled in six districts (Editor’s note: Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan District) area outside the guide. This is the capital of functional orientation Beijing’s decision.

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CCDI: for minor disciplinary comrades given light punishment is to save lives

All work discipline inspection organs, are around the central task of the party in a period of expansion, must come from the grasp of political and global. Practicing “four forms” Discipline is not the responsibility of lighter, but more important, the discipline of the intensity is not small, but bigger, must deepen transfer functions, transfer mode, turn style, improve the ideological and political level the ability to grasp the policy.
Change the concept, awareness-raising, the premise is to deepen the “three turn”. Good Practice “Four Forms” is to fully tightening party discipline, maintain the Party’s advanced nature purity. Discipline inspection at all levels should realize from the fundamental purpose of the party’s historical mission, a profound understanding of running the party strictly, in accordance with regulations governing the party connotation, and to deepen the understanding of the Party Constitution Commission for Discipline Inspection duties. Transfer functions must be transferred with the way, otherwise the functions will not turn in place, or even turn the only formal. The history of our Party and the party managed to diversify the way they are, not only dispose of this one. Supervision and discipline “four forms of” regular reminders, interviews and even light punishment, should be the bulk of the heavy head of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the investigation can be a variety of ways in which the disposal of a very tiny minority. Everyone from the outset not to fall into the abyss of serious violation of law, the Party cadres heard the problem does not reflect the secrecy, mention reminders for signs of problems, beating beat, ask him to explain to the organization, or at the meeting were in democratic life criticism and self-criticism, can prevent the slide farther. For minor disciplinary comrades can be organized to adjust, or given a light punishment, this discipline is to save lives, the party’s cause and cadres personal loss will be much smaller. To really put discipline in the very front, highlighting the characteristics of discipline, focused on solving the problem of political discipline and organizational discipline, so that party members and cadres heart awe row has ended, so there is the problem of cadres Zhicuojiugai been no problem education and warning. Over time, you can create a party strictly good atmosphere, really reverse disorganized, lax discipline situation.

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revenge! Chinese women’s volleyball team into the final 3-1 victory over the Netherlands

Beijing time on August 19 morning 9:15 minutes, the Olympic Games women’s volleyball semi-final second Maracana Stadium in Brazil, who lost to the group stage opponents Chinese women’s volleyball 27-25,23-25,29-27 25-23,3-1 and win the game, into the Olympic Games women’s volleyball final. This is since the 2004 Athens Olympic Games gold medal, the Chinese women’s volleyball team after a lapse of 12 years to return to the finals, returned to the center stage of the Olympic match-ups.
Earlier in the semifinal conducted in Serbia fierce battle of five US team beat the number one favorite. China VS Serbia women’s volleyball gold medal this war will start in Beijing on August 21 at 9:15 am points.
Games, women’s volleyball semi-finals Group B in the quarter-finals, “mission kill” A group of four, therefore, the current team have been in the semi-finals group match had played against. Chinese women’s volleyball and women’s volleyball team had the Netherlands in the group stage opener of the fight, when the Dutch women’s volleyball team 3-2 victory over the Chinese women’s volleyball, women’s volleyball team a strong collusion Netherlands No. 10 Slaughter Hayes audience outstanding.
Beijing time on August 19, the Rio Olympic women’s volleyball semi-finals, Chinese women’s volleyball team 3: 1 victory over the Netherlands women’s volleyball team, after a lapse of 12 years to return to the Olympic finals.
Opener upset loss to the Netherlands, the group stage again 2 wins, 3 losses results ranked No. 4, ahead of defending champion Brazil suffered ……
But this average age of less than 25 years old Chinese women’s volleyball team hold on. The semi-finals once again face the Netherlands, the Chinese women’s volleyball team 3 to 1 Lectra opponent, after a lapse of 12 years after the return to the Olympic Games women’s volleyball final, and we in the final opponent is Serbian women’s volleyball team.
In this post with 90 and 95 of the team, only three people have had Olympic experience, veteran Xu Yunli, Wei Chiu participated in three Olympic Games, the captain Hui Qi participated in the London Olympics.
Indeed, the lack of experience is a problem, but the couple’s passion and tension it not an additional wealth?
“Big Sister” of injury road
In the Olympic Games in the 12-man squad, Lang Ping Fu Gong Xu Yunli selected, and the main setter Wei Chiu benefit if the Qi has three Olympic veteran. However, the three men had one injury-ridden once bid farewell to the national team.
29-year-old Xu Yunli is the team’s big sister, who queued decade veteran in training in March 2015 in front of the right knee cruciate ligament tear, a year ago she had just experienced an ankle ligament tear.
“At that time the people are the collapse of the whole person I do not know how to do. I still can not forget the time to come back from the hospital, all our coaches are downstairs waiting for me, especially when I entered the room the sight of Lang guide. ”
Lang Ping after she was holding crying, then into the surgery and healing, and a step by step through the knees open, bend the course, try to do a little bit of technical movements. A full nine months, she slowly overcame stiff ligaments and knees, overcome great pain and complete training with his teammates.
In the battle against Brazil, the Xu Yunli accidentally sprained knee in the third inning, and strained right shoulder in the fourth inning. But she has been playing hurt, stick to the end of the game.
Xu Yunli is particularly excited after the game, enjoy her screaming on the floor, bouncing around, it seemed to be excited than other players.
“Xu Yunli so many years of accumulated experience has come to fruition when.” CCTV commentator as saying.

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How to fix and download k57nd60a.sys for free

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It is certainly not uncommon in having to deal with k57nd60a.sys BSOD related issues and this essentially gets highlighted after the Windows 10 Upgrade process necessarily gets over. To be more specific, it can be stated that the blue screen related issue keeps flaring-up say after an interval of 2-8 hours. The error string relating to such a k57nd60a.sys update specific fault reads as: “BAD_POOL_HEADER”. The real point of concern with such a form of fault is that the event log does not necessarily highlight any obvious errors in Windows or in any of the applications necessarily installed. In this context, it can be stated that most customers hold the opinion that such a typical form of fault remains highlighted owing to the incorrect or faulty k57nd60a.sys скачать process essentially adopted.

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After upgrading to Windows 10, you might get a lot perplexed in having to deal with a fault wherein the Ethernet connectivity simply drops. The fault is related to k57nd60a.sys Windows 10 specific error and it becomes a lot difficult so as to be able to transfer large sized files.

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How this year’s wages rise? More than 10 provinces announced corporate wage guidelines

Beijing, Beijing, August 18 (reporter Li Jinlei) since August, and more intensive published in 2016 corporate wage guidelines. In the new network reporter combing found that the current Shandong, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi,, Jiangxi, Hebei and other provinces in more than 10 provinces in 2016 corporate wage guidelines have been released.
More than 10 provinces issued corporate wage guidelines
Recently, the Hebei Provincial People’s agency issued a 2016 corporate wage guidelines, the average wage growth of enterprise workers on the line (early warning line) was 13%, the median line (baseline) was 8%, down to 3%.
In the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter noted that since August, Hebei, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places of intensive published in 2016, the company’s salary guide line.
According to incomplete statistics, as of now, this year has been released in 2016 wage guidelines regions including Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Hebei and other 11 provinces.
It is understood that corporate wage guidelines from the baseline, on-line (also known as the early warning line) and the assembly line. It is the government according to the current regulation of economic development goals, annual wage growth to be released to the society, does not have binding force, but to carry out enterprise and worker collective consultation on wages and the enterprises themselves to determine a reasonable wage level of growth to provide the reference, and also the management of total wages is an important means for state-owned enterprises.
Wage growth guidelines are mostly flat or down
In the new network reporter combing found that compared with 2015, the above areas of corporate wage growth this year, the guiding line is mostly flat or down.
In the case of the baseline, the baseline lines in these areas are below 10%, and the level of the region has declined in 2015. For example, Beijing from 10.5% down to 9%, from 10% to 9% in Yunnan, Tianjin from 10% down to 8%.
Yunnan Provincial Department of human society in 2016 corporate wage guidelines related policy interpretation pointed out that the appropriate downward wage growth guidance, and the macroeconomic situation in Yunnan province. Yunnan Province, business and development of a greater pressure on the situation will continue, appropriate downward wage growth guidance line, in line with the actual situation of economic efficiency of enterprises in Yunnan province.
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of population and labor economics, director Zhang Chewei previously when accepting a reporter to interview said that in the current economy into the new normal, business development of facing multiple pressures, should vigorously for the enterprise tax burden, in order to enhance the enterprise salary space and power up.
More measures to promote the introduction of wage guidance landing
Needs to be pointed out is that wage guidelines are issued by the government to enterprises, annual wage growth is proposed, which belongs to the guidance information, and the provisions of the minimum wage standards mandatory is not the same, do not have the binding force.
In order to enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of the wage guide line, and more in the release of the guidelines for the relevant measures. Such as Hebei clear, country and provincial departments to study to establish the enterprise to implement the wage guide line reporting system, the benefit deliberately not increase wages or salary levels are high growth faster of the two types of enterprises on a regular basis to be informed.
Sichuan, non state-owned enterprises in the development of production and economic benefits increased at the same time, should be reasonable and improving enterprise workers, especially frontline workers and migrant workers wages and wage growth should be tilted to the key positions and hardship posts, front-line positions.
Tianjin proposed baseline in 2016, the city’s wage guidelines for 9%; enterprise wage guide line off the assembly line of 3% and enterprises to pay wages of staff and workers shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard of Tianjin city; wage guidelines on-line is 16%. Enterprises that fail to pay the wage growth according to the wage guidelines shall explain the reasons to the employees.

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